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Sue Henshaw, a masseuse specialising in jamu massage
Behold, a 10-day massage experience awaits.

This is Auntie Sue. Auntie Sue learnt the art of Jamu massage from her Javanese grandmother. She also finished a postnatal massage course at the Mustika Ratu Beauty School in Indonesia.

Auntie Sue will push your uterus back to its original spot. With luck, a proper diet and some exercise, your tummy might shrink back to pre-baby size. 

You can start the massage as early as four days after delivery. But those who gave birth via c-section should wait three weeks before beginning their massage.

Disclaimer: about this post


This post is about Auntie Sue’s Jamu massage course and my very positive experience. I liked it so much that I booked her again, after I delivered my second baby about 2 years after I first blogged about this. 

Each course lasted 10 days and each session lasted 90 minutes. This post is not sponsored, and I did not get anything free from her. 

Note: Auntie Sue no longer does massages in the West side of Singapore. Drop me a message on the Contact page if you’d like her contact details. 

What is Jamu?

Jamu in Singapore is synonymous with traditional Malay postnatal massage. But it actually refers to traditional herbal medicine from Java, Indonesia.

Jamu drinks are general cure-all herbal drinks much like Chinese liang teh. Jamu Kunir Asam, for example, is a tamarind and turmeric drink to combat heatiness. Jamu capsules can also be prescribed by herbal physicians to treat more serious ailments.

Jamu Lady, Bintan
A lady sells Jamu drinks outside a shop in Tanjung Pinang, Bintan.

What's in the massage?

A basic Jamu massage has three parts:

  1. A full body oil massage to expel remaining lymphatic fluids and lochia.
  2. Two herbal pastes applied on the lower abdomen and forehead: tapel releases “wind” from the stomach and pilis releases tension on the forehead.
  3. A corset (bengkung) to bind your abdomen.

There are many massage centres in Singapore offering Jamu massage today.

However, what’s interesting about Auntie Sue is that she brings a fold-up bed to your house and comes over everyday with the herbs. She even brings a fresh bengkung so you don’t have to wash it after use.

Having your favourite Spotify playlist in the background and an essential oil diffuser helps to set the mood.

Sue recommends leaving the girdle on for six hours continuously. Which means you’ll need to feed the baby, have two meals and do your toilet runs throughout the day with your stomach tied up in the sweaty contraption.

The results

Was the pain worth it? Hell yeah. The results of the massage were visible after just a few days.

If I had to draw an equivalent, Jamu massage would be getting like a deep tissue massage the day after a major endurance race. But without the insults – the masseuse won’t call you a wuss if you yelp in pain.

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  1. Hi Shihan, I am googling for post natal massage and stumped into your blog.
    May I ask if you could share the contact of the mentioned masseuse lady – Madam Sue Henshaw .
    She seemed to done a very good job from the photos posted on your blog.
    Many thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Shihan, could you share the contact for auntie sue? Btw, how much did she charge for the 10 sessions of post natal Massage?

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